Inventory Items mismatch

My inventory in the software is not matching according to the actual inventory. 2 invoices are automatically being generated and when I open them it shows another invoice.
On 27/02/2020 I have not sold that item, so when I open the invoice it opens the invoice for 16/02/2020.
Please help

it is difficult to provide suggestions with so little information.
for more clarity please post screenshots and explain what you think is wrong so that users can provide help.
also, provide details like your Manager version, edition, OS, etc.

This generally happens when you have sold more than the stock your had in your system and when you purchase more stock of the same item manager tends to show sale on the date of new purchase. Check this if you have made a purchase entry made on 27/2/2020 for the same product and also check the your inventory info for the same product on 16/02/2020. That should clear your confusion

To illustrate @meetprj point. The Sales Invoice for March 4 was for 15 units, but there was only 10 in stock. As Manager can’t have negative stock, only 10 were “invoiced” that day and the remaining 5 were “invoiced” on the day of the next purchase - even though only one Sales Invoice was actually created.

It would have been clearer if Manager had also displayed the Invoice numbers