Inventory items move

Hi, can I somehow move Inventory items? I have some groups of products, and I did not order all the products from those groups from the supplier. If I order the remaining products from those groups now, the order of the products would be disrupted because I entered them by the group. Is it possible that when I add a new product, I can move it down in the list?

Posting screenshots will make it easier to understand what you mean.

This is a part of my current products. If I want to add 5 more but set them to be in the middle of the list, for example, and not at the beginning of the list or at the end of the list… How to place the item where it suits me on the list?

You do not add new inventory items because you purchase more units. You add them when you have never transacted in that item before.

@Tut you are right but if you can not accept the average system but prefer FIFO this is one way to cope.

Thanks for replay but I think that you dont understand what I want. I want to reorder new item where I want when I add new item… Regards

I understood. You cannot adjust the order of listings without changing names or codes. Or you can sort the list by clicking a column heading.