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How to make each some items in a subtotal together
Now i have items i sell and they belong to different groups for me but in the total report i find subtotal equals all but i need to sort them each group total can i do that in any way ?

Your question is not clear. What report are you referring to?

Inventory quantity movement
I need to sort items by type and each group has it own subtotal

You cannot modify the format of the Inventory Quantity Movement report. If that is really the title of your report, you should update your software. The title of the equivalent report has been changed and is now Inventory Quantity Summary.

How to update the software please and will it have this function to sort items in inventory .?

You update the same way you originally installed. The exact method depends on your operating system. See or, for example.

No, the sort function you mention is not included in the newer software.