Changing data on columns

I need a back order column eg ordered shippend B/O and able to go back to original sales order to complete when stock arrives

The same situation on Purchase Orders if shipment from supplier is not complete.
How to move the name Invoice Purchase Order etc. to the right side of page because I use printed letterheads for invoice and delivery slips with logo already printed on.

How can I import my data from QB? inventory is the hardest 1000’s plus

How to create a Price list for different customer that apply only to them as part of customer field that if they have a price fix by quote.

I thank you in advance for your help and willing to cooperate with you to the improvement to make this software as an alternative to people like me that is tired of the big boys game.

Warehousing hasn’t been implemented yet so you can’t track how much inventory you really have on hand vs what’s still incoming. It’s on the roadmap though. See:

For importing inventory items, use Batch create button. See:

Price levels haven’t been implemented yet but you can create sales invoice item under Settings tab and link it with inventory item. So when selling to a particular customer, you can select that item and it will fill in the correct price.