Inventory item picking location

Hi Sorry to brin up an old thread but i dont think people were explaining what they wanted. Can you set a default supplier for an item or maybe a multiple choice option so you can buy the same item from 2 different suppliers.

  1. drill down further into locations i understand it is setup for a site to site operation but having the ability to set a shelf location for a site is important for picking reasons knowing where to go in the warehouse for what you need.
    i think this should be set under the employee settings when you create a new employee you have to set where the location they work at. this can be picked up when you issue a invoice it looks at where the user is and moves the stock from their default site weather it gets invoiced out or transferred to site 2 in another city.

  2. inventory locations by default printed on goods receipts and sales orders so stupid warehouse staff can head to the correct area. this should be set under locations hence why you need to drill down further.

i.e you work at nike nyc warehouse you can only set items to a default location in your warehouse not, nike ohio who might use a different numbering system or have 10x the amount of space. once you create a goods receipt you should be able to set the location/s from a multple choice option.

when you enter a order for nike nyc site it should then print the locations in the warehouse for that item only and the same if you enter the order at ohio it will show their default location/s.

so when you login you can only access the site information your employee record shows you at.

This is getting very complex, @Emily_Deary. First, there is no connection between employees and inventory in Manager. Second, I can think of many reasons why an employee in one location could be entering transactions involving another location.

Third, if you want pick locations associated with inventory items, add them as a custom field under the inventory items themselves. Set to show on printed documents.

49%20AM will show as below:

You could also incorporate pick locations in item names or item codes.

I think he/she is looking for a more comprehensive inventory management system than Manager currently supplies - using a custom inventory location field isn’t what is required. I suspect that as Manager is primarily an accounting system, it is not the software that will meet the needs expressed

I dont think manager quite knows what it is yet it has the potential to be a full warehouse and accounting process system it’s great to use it’s almost there having a option to pick items from a different warehouse and show the default pick locaction when a sales order is printed is what is needed have a user level control ensures data security.

If I add a custom field to inventory items will that field show on goods receipts and sales order line items

Yes. The inventory item custom field will show everywhere that inventory item is used.

You can answer these questions yourself by creating a test company and experimenting. See

But then you can have only 1 pick locaction per item if you have 2 warehouse you have to set up a separate business to have a second default pick locaction for warehouse 2

For this functionality to occur you would need to have under an Inventory Item:

Location: where you would select the locations where that inventory item could be stocked.
Then have a sub-field appear so that the relevant picking location could be entered.

You would not need a separate business. But you would need duplicate inventory items with different pick locations assigned. I admit that is a cumbersome approach. But Manager would not currently support anything else.

The inventory management needs you describe suggest Manager might not be sophisticated enough for your needs. In fact, to meet all your desires, you might need a custom-developed application. I have worked with some very sophisticated ERP systems in the past, and none of them would do everything you describe.

I thought that I remembered a suggestion that Inventory location be made available at line item level, but after a quick search I was not able to locate it. How difficult would it be to put the inventory location at line item level? As this may provide a part solution to @Emily_Deary’s issues.

I only use the desktop edition so I am not sure how User permissions work, but ability to set inventory location per user may also help @Emily_Deary (I am assuming that this is not already available)

Brucanna you are correct that is what i want to do then when a user creates a invoice or goods receipt it will set the default location where you work and remove the stock from warehouse 1 rather then you having to to choice where the goods were sold. This is a common practice in all multi store inventory systems. The user is assigned a role and a default locaction.

Also can you hide dollar amount when you print a sales order this is info that is not required for all people to see.