Inventory location in purchase and sales invoice

It will be very useful if you are adding an option to select inventory location in sales and purchase invoice.

for what purpose. A client does not need to know where the inventory is located and neither does your supplier!

@dalacor, you have misunderstood the point being raised.

The ability to select (nominate) which inventory location the items being invoiced are being sent/received from.
Currently, if you have multiple inventory locations and don’t use the “Goods Receipts” and “Delivery Notes” tabs or the transaction doesn’t require their usage - then you can’t select the inventory location being used during the creation of that sales/purchase invoice. @lubos is aware of this short coming from other topics.

So its in the way of tracking which inventory at which warehouse is going where? I think I understand now. Thanks for explaining it.

Sorry. Having Multiple Inventory Locations also helps goods on consignment as the goods are actually at the consignment location. So when the actual items are sold, it can be deducted from the consignment inventory location,

So, can Manager setup this multiple Inventory Locations

It already has this setup - go to Settings 0 Invent Locations But