Inventory Item Overload

I have 68000 inventory items in manager.
I am not able to find some items when i search for them to make a Purchase quote, order or invoice. I check and enter the correct name and item is present in inventory items.
Is the software getting overloaded? What could be the reason for this?

You are right in a way that as it says on its homepage that Manager is “…free accounting software for small business. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux…” that maybe your business can not be considered small when managing so many items?

Provide more information, please. How are you searching? Where are you searching? What edition and version? What operating system?

I just feel that some responses like this one are not helpful in way. Maybe its me but such responses are rude. Honestly, the size of the business is relative across sections of society. And i do not see the correlation between the volume of invenrory against the size of a business but the value of the inventory itself. I might be a small businees with a big volume of inventory but the value of the inventory is small and a big business with a small volume of inventory with high value. So please lets offer solutions and not to insult each other’s integrity on this forum.

If a business has 68,000 different items in inventory, then I would consider it a big business - even to store 68,000 different items would take space even if each item was small - but maybe, they are virtual items such as downloadable images or files?

No sir, sometimes a company doesn’ have to store all the 68,000 inventory items. But the need to have them all itmized in the inventory is a must. Inventory ordered is stocked as and when needed sometimes…take for example some local pharmacies.

It would be wiser to use an inventory management system which you can use with barcode scanners. 68000 items are a lot. You can not find them manually.


Maybe you can point out where I was rude. In my reply to @Paryush I was considering the questions raised below and replied that: “…that maybe your business can not be considered small when managing so many items?..” in view that Manager is developed for small business and 68,000 items seem a lot.

Manager slows down significantly be it with large numbers of transactions (receipts and payments) or invoices or GL transaction reports because the SQLite database will try to load all of them into ready access memory (RAM) which also was at the basis of creating pages in Tabs and History. Similar to large amounts of transactions to use as POS as advised Question about database size - #4 by lubos it may be better to use a special-purpose inventory system.

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68000 items is a lot by any standard, not just for small businesses.

Anyway, @Paryush, does it get stuck when you type search?

I mean when you type something in the field, do you still get a filtered down list, like so:

@Paryush, ignore the diversions about how small is small and whether 68,000 is a lot of inventory items. (The fact is there are no practical limits.)

Just answer the questions @Ealfardan and I have asked. Those are relevant to addressing your issue.

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Sorry for the not replying yesterday. This is my first query and i am happy with how fast responses have come.

I am using Manager version 21.9.23 on Linux operating system which i operate on a Dell T340 server with 1 TB HDD dedicated to Manager software.

I am able to search for certain items in forms (Purchase Order, Purchase Quote etc.) which have already been used in transactions before but when i try to search for items which I have never used before, it says no items found. But I can clearly see these items if I search them in Inventory items.

Actually we manufacture specialized paintbrush fibers and so for a good fiber, the machine can produce 11 types of defective fibers which have to be entered in the software in case they come. That is why the inventory has become so big.

First, update your software. You are hundreds of versions behind.

Second, although I am not an expert on Linux, you need to furnish exact version/distribution information so those who are can answer.

Third, you did not answer my questions in post #3. Details matter.