Question about database size

Good evening

I have a question, and my goal is reassurance.

I’d like to know if the speed of the program is affected by the size of the large database.

For example, what if we have thousands of sales bills, Tens of thousands. of items, thousands of purchases, etc.

My question is mainly for developers @lubos

I also ask users who have tried the program for years and have huge databases.

Thank you guys.

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This question has been asked many times before in the forum. The short answer is there is no substantive impact. For longer discussions, search the forum.

That’s very good.

@164Morhf the answer is a bit more complicated. On the paper, Manager has no practical limits but performance will start degrading once you hit 10k invoices. Performance degration will be so subtle, you can’t notice it. I think by the time you hit 50k-100k invoices, it will be noticable.

There are quite a few heavy users on cloud edition. Typically I’m looking into bottlenecks and trying to figure out how to improve the performance based on specific circumstances. Also, computers are getting faster so that helps too.

At the end of the day, Manager is still general-purpose accounting system. If you make 1,000 sales per day. Do not enter them in Manager individually. You should be using special-purpose system for that like point-of-sale system which is better suitable for rapid data entry. Then enter sumarizing entries from point-of-sale system into Manager.


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I like your frankness, even if it is against your interests

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You’re right.
Thank you @lubos