Delete Inventory Items

I have about 230.000 Items in the Inventory List. But only 500 Items have QTY’s.
My problem is now that the system is slow when I want to update any of this Inventory Items.
I also have tried to export all items but this does not work because the System goes into an error.

I can not use an older Backup because there where too many changes in the meantime.

Do I have a possibility to make a workaround and delete all Items in the Inventory List which have “0” (Zero) Qty?

as they are used in different invoices / purchases / inventory you cant delete them
but you have the option to make them inactive, just edit the inventory item and check the box inactive, may be that will make your system work faster
(230.000 items ?!?!?!? man that is not normal )

230.000 is not much

So I need to go manually in every item and tick the button “Inactive”?

My Idea was to get the export of the Inventory, delete the Items I do not need and use a batch update / delete function.

Or can this be done only by the API?

you dont need to export the inventory to use batch update

you just go to inventory item tab
in the end click batch update
copy to clipboard (this may take a while)
paste to excel
change the inactive status from FALSE to TRUE for the items you want
coppy all from excel paste back in manager in the same screen you used “copy to clipboard”
thank click next and update


in case you are using manger desktop, my personal advice will be to
1 make a backup
2 install manager in the most powerful computer you have access to
3 import backup
4 update the items as shows before
5 make backup
import the updated backup in your computer, use ite for a week to verify everything is ok
thank delete old bisnes from your computer or keep it your choice

check this guide if i was not clear

Thanks for this detailed explanation.

This is what I have tried already.
When I try to copy from Clipboard Manager says after a While “An error has Occurred. Manger will reload”----

So this is a Dead End road for me

this is why i advised to use a more powerful computer 230.000 items are a lot to copy in clipboard

here an idea but i am not sure it will work after all the clipboard capacity depends on computer but worth a try/
you have teh option to try cloud edition for a week
create an account import your backup try to update using cloud edition
if successful backup from cloud import it in your pc

Already tried all options… Windows, Mac, Server, Virtual Machines…

and other computers ?

Yes, different Operating Systems, Different Computers

than you need to ask @lubos he is a developer may be is just a manager limitation

No as @Genti_Ge has explained, if any of these inventory items have been used in purchase or sales invoices then they can’t be deleted as they have an associated transaction history.

Only if the inventory item has had zero transactions can it then be deleted.

As to the batch update, copy to clipboard, break it down to smaller components.
Search for inventory starting with “A” then process those, next do “B” etc.

But unsure if making 200,000 odd inventory items inactive will make things faster.
Perhaps at your next year end, start a new business which can be created while leading up to the new year.

I am curious whether this slowness is limited only to performing batch updates of inventory items. Is performance otherwise normal? Can you do a batch update of anything else?

Also, what kind of error occurs when you try to export the Inventory Items list? You did not say. Can you post a screen shot of the error message?

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I am currently using Version 18.12.23, File Size about 380 MB
We attach the original documents to the related Invoices, Delivery Notes, etc.
System starts quick but then needs a while (about 8 to 10 seconds) to open the Inventory Items List.
When we go from Bank Accounts to Customers with much much less records it takes 2 seconds which is fine. But it always take these 8-10 secods when go go TO or go FROM Inventory Items.

There are now 230.000 records in the Inventory list. Most of them we are using only for pricing information to make offers to clients.

We recognize that it makes no sense to have that much records in the inventory list. That’s why we want to reduce them to 3 or 4000 records.

When I start with “Batch Update” and click on the Button “Copy to Clipboard” I see the loading bar in the browser running but nothing happens.

The way Manager is implemented, 200,000 inventory items is way too many. I don’t think any general-purpose accounting system can handle that many.

Performance of Manager can be optimized so it could handle that many items with some pain but you are way ahead of curve. I’d say current practical limit is around 10,000 right now.

Unfortunately, batch update relies on Copy to clipboard and copying 230,000 records into clipboard will take a while. If you want to delete items, you should use Batch delete anyway.

OK, now clear. I already have used the “Batch Delete” function. Max 7000 Lines can be deleted in one time. Now I have only 2000 Items in Inventory list and it runs much quicker.

By the way: In our main accounting software we currently handling about 920000 Records with pricing history :wink: