Setting new inventory Items

Continuing with this issue, I still have problems with inventory. Following the instructions from the guide, It doesn’t work. I set my books this year, with all data from Oct 20th 2014, but got inventory on April 27 2016, When I set my inventory the software assume the date as Oct 20th 2014. If I go to any report prior to April 27 2016 which is the real date my inventory starts, that inventory is reflected since the start date of the company.

When following the guide, I did exactly what it said, set inventory in “0” then change the date. When the date is change, I go to any of previous reports, and they came out in “0” operations, no data at all, no company transactions.

I really need to resolve this issue ASAP in order to up date my books as of today. If somebody could help me I will appreciated.

Thank you

The start date and opening balances are meant to be used only for migrating your existing accounts from another accounting system to Manager.

If your business was ongoing within Manager from 2014, but in April 2016 you acquired your first inventory, that transaction should be handled by a purchase invoice.

Thank you for your advise…so that means that I have to delete the items I set ? My first step was to input the vendor invoice at the time I received the merchandise, but that does not set the product in the inventory module…it just send it to stock on hand in the chart of accounts ,then what will happen at the time I generate an invoice to discharge product from inventory…?
Is really messing …

Inventory items must be created before they can be referenced in either purchase or sales invoices. Have you read all the Guides on inventory? I admit the documentation is a bit thin.

Do you have any transactions in your Suspense account? You should not. That is where Manager stores incomplete, incorrect, or unbalanced transactions until you fix them. If I understand correctly that you entered purchase invoices before you created inventory items, I suspect those transactions are sitting in Suspense.

No, just leave the starting balance section of the Inventory Item blank, you would only use that section if you had inventory to take up on Oct 20, 2014, but you didn’t as the Inventory only started Apr 27, 2016.

That’s correct

Therefore your Vendor Invoice has not been entered quite correctly - now there is two possibilities here depending on how up to date your Edition of Manager is. If your Purchase Invoice Account section looks like this then you are to date, but if you just have Account shown - then you should update

So when processing you vendor invoice, click on Item then select the actual item and the Account will be automatically completed with Inventory on Hand (unless you have renamed it), On completion of the vendors invoice those items should be set in the Inventory Item module.

(NOTE: if you have the older edition - click on Account, select Inventory on Hand and then a new Item field will appear, select the item)

Did you create this Stock on Hand account, if yes, then reprocess (edit) all transactions in that account as above and once zero - delete

If you are still having difficulties, please post a screenshot of a Vendors Invoice to start with.