Creating accounts in currency and gold

i work at gold company
we do not sell gold ! . we make gold rings / Bracelets , and give this good to our customer , and we take our wages per grams
any way i need to create two account for each customer (currency & gold)
could any one help me ?

@Ahmed_Diab, please do not divert topics with unrelated questions. Yours has nothing to do with available inventory quantities, so it was moved to its own topic.

In Manager, customers are defined in a single currency. By default, this is not a real currency, as Manager operates in an undesignated currency until you define a base currency under Settings. At that point, every customer is automatically defined in the base currency.

You can also define foreign currencies under Settings. Then you can redesignate a customer to a foreign currency, but still only one. Whichever currency a customer is defined in, all sales invoices and receivables for that customer will be defined in the currency of the customer.

It would be very unusual to define a commodity (gold) as a currency, for example, the Gold gram. But you could do this. You could also set exchange rates between the Gold gram and your base currency.

But understand this: if you do this, you would be billing your customer in gold grams rather than an exchangeable currency like the SAR. Is that really what you do? Probably not. I also doubt that you collect your wages in gold grams. (I suspect you meant that sales prices are adjusted based on the weight of the item.)

A more workable approach is likely to be to use a custom field for the inventory item in which you would enter the weight of the jewelry in grams. The weight could appear on your sales invoice and you could use the current value of gold to calculate the unit price. If you are like most jewelry sellers, you have the current value of gold available at all times. See these Guides: