Idea: cash sales along with credit sales

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Sorry if I am repeating, but I could not find my older post about this and since there is a voting introduced, I would like to bring that idea back.

As I remember manager has got separate workflow for cash sales and for credit sales, therefore those two are not being reported together. That is a quite a big problem for me, because I need to produce to separate reports for each customer and cash sales report should be processed manually. Sometimes that is taking a lot of time and is not very effective.

I would like to suggest to change the workflow for cash sales in the way that cash and credit sales would be reported together and would appear/shown under the same tabs/lists/reports.#

I would like to ask all who are reading my post, support and vote for this idea, as I believe, it could make work more productive and save time.

Thank you


cash sales is nothing but receipts. and these do appear on the customer statement reports.
with a proper description given for cash sales, a custom report can be generated for the same from receipts easily.

i personally do not think any user would want the receipts and sales invoices showing together in the same tab. an option would be to create separate tab for cash sales. but then again the payment receipts would be spread across different tabs.

We have plenty of business customers that pay us cash and on invoice and when we need to reconcile their accounts at the end of the month, I have dozens of different reports for the same single task is really painful. Besides that, Manager is the only program in my 20 years career, that differentiate those two - none of high or low level accounting package I’ve ever seen, does that. If the transaction has got customers name, it must be assigned to customer and reported under when report is requested and there should not be discussion about this.
Also, this is one of key points, why I cannot use Manager as my main program and why I cannot recommend it for colleagues who does serious intense accounting work.
I do not think that is even very big challenge from development point.

I understand what you are saying, and it would be probably ok, but would suggest something else. Manager does not differentiate transactions under assigned to customers with different workflow, that is why there are two transactions - invoice or payment for that invoice. I would advice introduce deposit, which would act as unallocated payment, which can be turned into payment. In this way there would be a range of transactions - invoice, deposit (free funds), payments-invoices, payments-without invoices (which would be a receipt). By the way, QuickBooks has got this approach and it is very convenient - under customers tab you can filter payments/deposits/reiceipts/credit notes - everything that has got customers name on it and belong to single customer exist in one single place, it is just represent in different operations/reports differently (according to a workflow)

okay sorry for the initial confusion. to be honest i have never made a cash sales.
i tried the same with a test business and it seems the cash sale transaction is not included in the customer statements report. i guess that is the difficulty you are facing?

i had previously requested on the forum to include all customer related transaction to the customer statement reports. that was mainly for handling deposits. anyway your situation is of similar reason i think.

you can find the topic below.

@Solnce, the concept of linking cash sales to customers was one of the very first suggestions in the ideas category: Improvement to payment and receipt forms.

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ok, thanks, I gave my vote for it

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Also, do you know how quickly these can be implemented? Is that matter of days, weeks, months or years?

That is entirely up to the developer.