Internal PDF generator doesn't support SVG logo

Hi there,

Just noticed that my SVG logo, which works fine when printing invoices etc, doesn’t work when generating a PDF from Manager.

It is just replaced with red text - “Unsupported file format”.

Use a supported file type. While the current version no longer lists these on the logo upload page, PNG and JPEG are definitely supported.

Thanks Tut,

I would like to request in the future Manager considers adding SVG/other vector formats to its supported file types. :slight_smile:

As a couple of others have requested SVG support and Lubos has stated in the past he would consider it, could my topic please be moved to #ideas so this can be formally put forward for consideration / on the backlog?

I’m removing this topic from ideas category on the basis that this is related to internal PDF generator which is now obsolete.

There is now new approach which supports SVG.