Email sender name, local PDF generation, vector image logos


I’ve started trailing out Manager Server 14.9.19 on an Ubuntu 14.04 OpenVZ container.
First of all, kudos to the developers - my first impressions are good, you are a providing a great service.

I’ve set up sending of emails via my custom SMTP and it appears to be working, invoices attach as an attachment as expected.

However, the email is sent without a sender name – is there some place where I can configure this?

Also, I read in another topic that Manager does not make PDF’s locally – if this is true, are there plans on changing this in the future to save bandwidth, speed up email sending time, tweak quality settings, and have a bit more control over where the invoices are going?

Manager seems to let me upload an eps/pdf/svg a logo but they don’t seem to work – any plans on supporting eps/svg/pdf vector images in the future?


To use sender name, simply enter My business name <> instead of

PDFs are not generated locally (yet). It is a bit challenging. Gecko (Firefox layout engine) is used to generate PDF documents but Gecko is around 30 MB. Manager is 2 MB. So I don’t really want to increase the size of the program 15x just to support local PDF generation.

I’m looking at alternative cross-platform libraries that are smaller in size and could replace Gecko but I haven’t found anything that would tick all the boxes. At least one library came close though.

Regarding vector images, I think it would be possible to add SVG support. For now, simply upload bitmap in higher resolution. Manager will resize it to make it smaller but the original bitmap will be included in PDFs so if printed, they will look just as good as vector images would look like.



With regards to:

I get a different result as indicated by the examples below. When I update the info I get the result as listed in the second image. Ultimately the email fails to send. Any help?


I also get this error, using ManagerServer 14.9.24

Replacing ‘<’ and ‘>’ with ‘<’ and ‘>’ respectively does make it work, just a minor nuisance though.


This is due to automatic escaping of HTML tags to prevent XSS vulnerability. Check the latest version (14.9.32) which will automatically fix tags in email field in Send email dialog. In future I will come up with something better but this will do for the time being.