Internal error with VAT Tax codes transactions

Hello, If I go to the Settings and then to TAX Codes and press on the transactions with the different tax codes I get an Internal Error (20.5.43)

I also got an unusual amount of transactions in the suspense account, what may be related to tax codes.

What should I do here?

As discussed elsewhere in the forum and newsletter, look at your tax codes. Make sure each one is assigned to the correct tax liability account. Let us know if that fixes your problem.

I am using the following tax codes. These codes are being used for the transactions I make.

What should be adjusted here?

If I click on the transaction part of the tax codes (the ones with transactions), I get the internal error

As I said, you need look at the tax codes themselves. Click the Edit buttons.

OK yes this was one part of the issue. I imported the tax codes from the Manager website, but did not realize that they are not directly correctly assigned to the right liability account

But meanwhile I still get the server error now, though they are correctly assigned now

They used to be, before you could set your own liability accounts.

The suspension account is now empty.

I still get the server error now, although they are correctly assigned now.

How can this be solved?

That points to a possible bug. There is some work going on with the general ledger engine that could be responsible. I will put this into the bugs category. Thanks for verifying that there is only one problem, not two.

What operating system are you using? I tried to duplicate this on a Mac. I got no error message. Instead, the program just quit.

These internal errors are always bugs regardless of user input. Anyway, fixed in the latest version (20.5.44)

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