Internal Error on Sales Invoice Totals by Customer Report

Dear @lubos,

We’ve just got Internal Error when entering into Sales Invoice Totals by Customer Report.
No issue found on other databases but show only on this one.
We need the fix urgently, please.

Thank you.

Please show the edit screen for the report where you get the error

Exactly what do you mean by “…when entering into Sales Invoice Totals by Customer Report?” Does this occur when clicking on the report name in the Reports tab? Or does it occur when clicking the Edit button for a report? Or the View button? Or the New Report button?

Yes, this occur when clicking on the reports tab. Never reach edit buttons.

What do you mean by “clicking on the reports tab”?

Please be very specific in what you click on and what you see on the screen preferably by posting screenshot of your and then explaining what you click on and posting a screenshot of the result and so on again until you get the error message

I presume that you do have some sale invoices entered in your system with an invoice date later that the Start Date?

Are you saying you have multiple other Manager businesses which do not give this error on your computer?

If so is there anything different about this Manager business such as

  • an old backup, or just created, or recent batch update, or custom theme or no prior customers.

  • Have you looked at other reports, have you looked at other tabs / screens? Do they function as expected?

Just look for some hints to narrow the search for a bug,

I’m closing this topic because if software crashes with internal error, it contains all the information to determine the issue and I will be able to fix it.

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Should be fixed in the latest version (20.8.39)

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Thank you @lubos. Finally it fixed.