Customer Summary report "Internal Error "

When setting the period in customer summary report from 01-01-2019 to 31-12-2019 this error appears, and to avoid this error I set the date 02-01-2019.

At what point in the process did you get this error? When you were first entering dates to create a new report? As you clicked Create? When you edited a report after it had already been created?

Also, can you update your software and try again to see if the problem persists in the newest version?

The error appears when click view the report.
But it seems that there is a conflict between the date of Starting Balances and date of the beginning of the report.
where i set date starting balances in 01-01-2019 , and date of the beginning of the report in 01-01-2019,this seems can not.
Because I changed the opening balances date to 31-12-2018 and the report was displayed correctly.

You are right. I can confirm this is a bug and related to starting balances.

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Fixed in the latest version (19.12.23)

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The error has already been resolved