Inter Account Transfer Changes Bank Reconciliation

Since the change to include Inter Account Transfers, my last years reconciliation now fails. Without making any changes to my last years account, which were locked to prevent accidental changes, I find one account no longer reconciled.
The amounts that appear correctly under Inter Account Transfer:

appear as zero in the Bank Reconciliation:

Can anyone advise me how to correct this.
Interestingly, no such problem exists in the corresponding account from which the funds came.

I cannot reproduce this problem. I’ve gone back and attempted to reconcile on past dates, forcing the error resolution routine to come up by introducing errors. If every case, I see the transfer amount correctly listed, whether looking at the origin or destination account.

These tests were done with v17.9.38. What software version are you on?

Can you post a screen shot of the Edit screen for one of the transfers that shows a zero amount?

Thanks @Tut for looking into this.
I just upgraded from macOS v17.9.4 to v17.9.38 and the problem has gone away.
All good now, so I will assume it was a transient bug that’s been fixed.

Note to self: Upgrade to latest version before raising an issue on Forum.