A DLL required

when I tried to install the programme on my windows computer, a message was popped up as follows;

" there is a problem with this windows installer package. A DLL required for this install to complete could not be run. contact your support personnel or package vendor."

please assist me to solve this issue.

Did you download software from manager.io, https://www.manager.io/

Hello, I am having the same problem. I am trying to upgrade to a newer version and when I download from the manager page (the link shown above) I get the exact message. I ran a troubleshoot on my computer and it says the program is incompatible. I have Window 7 Professional.

check your antivirus program and try installing as an administrator user.

I am the administrator and my Antivirus is not blocking the program. It says it is a “safe Program”…

try solution provided in the below video.

So you say that downloading Python should fix the problem?

Python was an example in that video. you do not have to install Python. follow all the other instructions in the video.

I changed the Temp file permissions to Everyone and was able to make the changes.

Thank you for your prompt response.