Import / Batch Create invoices

Dear Manager team,

Thanks for this awesome software. It is really great for us.

If by any chance, we just wondering is there any way we can import/batch create an invoice with multiple lines & invoices at a time? We are a clothing business here and we sometimes have to create a lot of lines for one purchase invoice (Since one style of clothing have different colours & size, thus, we have to use multiple lines for each colour & size combination to make sure the inventory is accurate)

It is really waste of our time to manually input such data. We are seeking a way that we can import / batch create them just through CSV files like import transactions, or something like batch create inventory items. Just wondering is there any solution that we can do so?

Many thanks,

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The only current solution that provides any help for your situation is to clone a previous, similar invoice and edit things as necessary. However, the developer has mentioned possible changes for the future that would allow such imports.