Bulk Importing of invoice line items

I am using manager (Desktop) for our local Aero Club. We sell fuel through an automated bowser and receive a downloadable file with all transactions by Customer No, Fuel Type, Date Reference No. I have the option of a CSV or XLS which are easily formatted into the formats used in invoicing. Is there any way I can bulk import them onto customer invoices at month’s end to save manually entering each sale? I use a monthly Omni invoice for each customer showing each purchase as a seperate line item by date and reference No. etc. There are only two types of fuel sold.
This feature would be a big time saver and eliminate transcribing errors.
Any suggestions will be most welcome.

You need to create a sample invoice in Manager with a few lines, then use the Batch Update feature to see how the Excel spreadsheet has to be formatted.

Yes. The actual invoices are created using Batch Create. Read the Guide about that.

Do your customers pay by card/cash when they buy the fuel? If so then the reports that you extract you can record them as cash sales

If they buy on account then what @Tut is suggesting will help.


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