Information Error on Asset summary

since update of version 22.8.22 Assets in summary are not separated anymore. On the tag of the bank account it appears the sum of all “Bank and Cash account”.
When click on the "bank account, you can see the detail of “Bank and Cash account”
see picture joined.
I have installed the las version ( but the same problem is still appearing

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Will this help?

You only created 1 control account Credit Agricole and associated the other 3 accounts to that control account. Note it are the control accounts that show in the summary screen.

To rectify you need to create control accounts for ANCV, Paypal and Especes. These will now show separately in the Summary. You also need to Associate each Bank Account such as Paypal to its own controls Account (i.e. Paypal).

I do not think this has anything to do with the recent updates but more with how you setup your bank and control accounts. Is an easy fix.

Thank you for information,
Unfortunatelly it seems that i have no possibility to associate the bank account to control account, as the field “control account” is not present in Bank and Cash account edit (see screenshot)
only division appear…
Bank acount

Then go to settings and check your control accounts.

Ok thanks, i have well reorganized my assets (i was using account and not control account…!) and understood the new concept.

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Excellent, please mark the topic as solved. Thanks