Creating Credit Card account

For a credit card, I set a up contra-account, 1050 CapitalOne, in Assets/Banks. Accessing it in Receipts & Payments shows only the name without the code while the Summary shows the code and name, but loses the amount posted to it. What am I doing wrong?

In Bank accounts edit the credit card and allocate a code to it and this code will appear next to its name in receipts and payments.

If it is Business credit card , you can create account, under bank accounts
Other wise, you can create under Expense claim payers

Thank you, AJD. The code problem is fixed, but posted amounts are not showing in Summary. Any additional thoughts?

solution to your problem depends on how you setup your credit card account. was it created as an ordinary account in your Chart Of Accounts or under the Bank Accounts tab?
setting up a credit card account is explained in the guide

please post relevant screenshots to better understand your issue.

It is a business account created under Bank Accounts. I just found the transactions posted to a Cash at Banks account, apparently an automatic account (I didn’t set it up). Is there a way to eliminate the Cash at Banks account?

Sorry, I don’t know how to do a screenshot.

Marking a particular Bank account as Control account in the Chart of Accounts and selecting the appropriate control account in the Bank accounts tab makes it show up separately in the Summary and on the Balance Sheet. (Normally you want to do that). If not, they appear aggregated under the built-in ‘Cash at bank’ control account.

See also Reconciliation problem

Thanks, Mark. Sounds like the answer to my problems. Thanks to all who responded.

Also, see the guide about creating a credit card account.

How to screenshot on a windows machine is described here.