Cash & cash equivalents

@Tut & @lubos
I’m using Manager software for more than 7yrs. Thank you. I’ve upgraded to latest version of Manager from very old version of Manager. I’ve suggestion about Asset. I think Cash account & Bank account balances should be displayed separately like a old version.

If you use control accounts you can separate and name as many as you want that will list as such in the Summary screen and reports. Do not forget to also create from the Tab these cash and bank accounts and assign the control accounts accordingly. How to do this control accounts, etc can be found in the guides.

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@SuyogKulkarni, you raise a question settled years ago. @eko’s response provides the method for separation if you still want it.

@Tut, I’m really sorry.
@eko, I will follow your steps. Thank you so much.

Done. I’m very happy. Thank you so much.
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