One more feature want to suggest that please add auto backup feature whenever we close the “Manager” application. Or give a schedule backup feature. backup should be in Hard-disk OR in Mail. I preferred in Mail.

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@Rahul_Sheth it’s really not required for Manager to have an auto-backup feature. You should be automating your whole backup regime.

That said, you can always manually create a backup anytime by clicking backup in the top right corner of (I think) every screen. The bonus of this backup feature (for me at least) it remembers my last saved locations and allows me to backup to NAS, USB, external whatever or even locally.

@lubos the only improvement I would like to see to the backup feature is to have the date in the format of the selected manager system, or by ISO 8601. I have a personal predilection for the ISO format and all files in the backup dir are always sorted in date order (I know this can be achieved by sorting the folder BY date created order, but the naming structure would be so much nicer in the system or ISO style).

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The current backup system is very OK. But if there us more room for improvement that will be greate. My suggestion is that if the system can be made such that there will be a prompt when a particular number( be it receipt, payment, journal etc.) is repeated. This is because it is only on invoice which is auto numbering the other form of numbering are all manual. Thank you.

This is actually good idea. The latest version (16.9.9) does just that.


Now why didn’t I think of that? … Oh, wait, I did.

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I appreciate your view on backup in the date format, or by ISO 8601. But as per me Current Backup has some limitation that we have to backup each and every time… or daily basis. If manager also generate backup on daily basis then its also a good idea.
I preferred backup in mail if possible because, in computer or USB that can be corrupt or virus attack and have a fear of data loss. But in mail backup, there are no virus, no data loss, no corrupt, And backup file can be access from any where any time.
So as per me its a Very good option if we implement it.


'fraid not

On OSX if it makes a difference (which I doubt)


and could we have the time in there too please e.g. Sample Co 2016-09-04 18-08

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@d3mad, ok. Check the latest version (16.9.10). Should be fixed.


Just want to share my idea. Since many people want to access from different places to the same data like i add trasanctions at the work place and see reports from home when free. So I have google drive installed in all computers and phones i have so i backup directly to a dedicated google drive folder and then import the back up to anywhere i want. Since once the drive snycs the backup you can access it over web or application.

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If you do this, you must be sure all devices are running the same version of Manager. But your situation is really what the cloud edition is for.

Yes I’m thinking to upgrade to cloud or server but for server I’m concerned that can i access the server edition from a different location and a different internet network?

If you set up your firewall correctly (setting up port forwarding for the server edition) you can access it from anywhere. If you really know what you’re doing you could have it only accessible from particular IP addresses.

Another approach would be to set up a VPN and you access it as if you were inside the network.

However, if this is all new to you, you’d be better off leaving the security to the cloud edition and using that instead.

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Yes this all is very interesting but new to me. Though currently I’m trying cloud version for seven days. Maybe in future i would go for server

you can try ngrok a tunnel facility which I use currently since I can’t get it through port problem + openvpn (still don’t understand the ip and the port assign process)

It’s for windows I think…

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Is it safe? can it backup all the data of manager whenever we close?

@AaiRIz, a Manager backup file can only be generated from within the program, not by some external script. Backing up does not simply copy a file. There is more to it. And a backup file applies only to the single business for which it was created.

However, if your accounting data folder is on a drive that is automatically backed up, the accounting folder itself–with all its contents–will be copied. But that is different from a backup file.

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Not sure about safe… because the file is always in your computer.

If you worried about data, whenever you close the server it always save your work.

ngrok is for someone who want/need to use Manager server either for testing or temporary use the multiple user access from outside local area network with very minimal networking knowledge.

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