Incorrect link up on billable expenses

When I was matching the billable expense with invoice, I found one record unable to correct,two record stick together, that means I change transaction A but transaction B amend too. Please help.

Thank you.

you have not provided enough information for users to provide help.
post screenshots of all the transactions involved and explain what you did.

Dear Sirs,

With attached additional information for your reference.

Please suggest the appropriate solution to me.

Thank you!

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Carole Mak

Your screen shots are too small to read. And you have not explained the problem. Please do not expect other forum members to be detectives. Tell us exactly what you think is wrong.

Can I suggest that you delete the two transactions and re-enter them, perhaps with other transactions in between and see if the issue remains.


Thank for your advice.

All entries deleted and re-enter but result is same, two billable expenses transaction was matching with one invoice number even I change time to time.

@Carole_Mak, did you follow these Guides when recording and invoicing the billable expenses:

And you still have not explained your problem completely.

@lubos this looks like a bug. i tested on version 19.7.67 Windows 10 x64

created two billable expenses

the Customers tab show uninvoiced 150

i select only the first billable expense for invoicing.

the invoice is made for the 100 billable expense.

even though only one billable expense was invoiced, there are currently nothing uninvoiced in Customers tab.

the billable expense tab shows both as invoiced.

I’ll put this into bugs based on @sharpdrivetek’s excellent illustration.

This bug is probably related to this one: Billable Expense Misbaviour.

I don’t know if this is the same bug, but I invoiced a customer with the full amount of 2 Billable expenses. After invoicing both expenses where Credited on the billable expenses account with the correct invoice number. HOWEVER the account also holds a (non editable) line with in the description the invoice number but with the (Debit) amount of only one of the invoiced billable expenses . Also the Billable expenses - markup account is Credited with the same amount.

This has been fixed in the latest version (19.11.91).