Cloning billable expenses bug


When cloning billable expenses, I’ve noticed what I believe is a bug.

The issue can be reproduced as follows:

  • record an expense A and assign it to client C
  • clone the previous expense, name it B, and assign it to client D
  • bill expense A to client C
  • expense B is now automatically assigned to the invoice of expense A

I don’t know if this is intended, but I expected another behaviour.


I tried to duplicate your problem, following your steps exactly. Expense B does, indeed, disappear from Customer D’s balance of Uninvoiced items. The Billable Expenses register shows it as invoiced. But drilling down into Billable Expenses from the Summary, no assignment to any invoice is shown. And Accounts receivable does not include it. But it does not appear on Customer C’s invoice with expense A. That fact seems a little different from what you describe, but I may just be looking in more detail than you did.

I repeated the experiment without the cloning step. That is, I simply entered the two billable expenses via separate spending transactions. Done that way, there is no problem.

So the issue definitely arises only when the expense transaction is created by cloning. This is a puzzle for @lubos.


@Tut thanks for reproducing the issue.

In the Billable Expenses register, Expense B is shown as invoiced. When editing Expense B in the Billable Expenses register, in my case however, it is shown that Expense B is assigned to an incorrect invoice. It is strange that I seem to have a different result here.

Another strange thing is the following: when reassigning Expense B to the correct invoice of Customer D in the Billable Expenses register, Expense A gets also reassigned to the same invoice of Customer D.

When entering two billable expenses separately, there is no problem.


This is definitely a bug. I will be looking into this.


Thanks @lubos


This issue should be fixed in the latest version.