Incorrect amounts with bankimport SWIFT after update

Question 1:
After updating to the latest version of manager today I have the problem of incorrect amounts of money when using the bank import function (SWIFT file).

All amounts now show 100 times the correct amount (f.e. € 41,745.00 instead of € 417.45), this an issue for all the imported transactions.

I’ve had this issue with files from 2 different dutch banks, in the past this was not a problem. How can I solve this?

Question 2:
And is there any option to turn off the new client input box that appears after selecting bank import => edit => receivables => client* => invoices. Before it only used to end in an input box for the invoice number.

I suspect your problem is related to preference settings for number formats. These used to be based on selecting a region, but were recently changed so you can actually specify formats independently. Try going to Preferences => Number format and choose from the dropdown list an example that you want. See if that fixes the problem.

No, you cannot turn that off. Due to streamlining of Accounts payable/receivable and Supplier/Customer credits input processes, all payments and receipts associated with specific suppliers or customers go through the same protocol. For more information, see the release note:

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Hi Tut,

Changing the number-setting worked, cheers and thank you for the quick reply!