Currency rounding Bug?

After updating to version 20.5.23, the rounding of the currency is not correct for some accounts. The settings in the currency tab are correct with 2 decimals.

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I cannot duplicate this. Can you please drill down on the account with a balance of -35,560 and post a screen shot of the contributing transactions list? Look through those transactions to see if any of them show 3 decimal places. If so, post screen shots of their Edit screens. At the same time (since you have not shown what any of these accounts are), please comment on whether any of the accounts showing this behavior include subaccounts denominated in foreign currencies.

Also, try updating the number format again by selecting the suitable format from the default list under Preferences.

I did already. No result.

It’s seem that some transactions in 2017 are in 3 digits. When I open this particular transaction for editing, the details are in 2 digits. When I save this transaction, without any correction, the problem solved. No idea! It has never been notice before. It appears after updating. But: problem solved! Thanks!




I am fairly certain I know what happened. It was related to the recently added capability for defining currencies. Manager’s conversion scripts usually do not modify previous transactions. So the 3-decimal transactions were remembered and affected the account totals. But when you opened them and updated, they effectively became current transactions, and the newly added decimal limitations were applied.

This is probably the case but for the purpose of general ledger, it should be normalized regardless how many decimal places are entered in transactions.

So this is probably a bug but I’m not going to fix it as it is occuring in the code which currently is being slowly replaced and replacement code won’t have this issue. So this problem will go away.

Thanks @Tut & @lubos for the explanation. Thanks @Hennie for the helping hand…

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