Inconsistent Unbold PnL Report

After updated which should solve the bold issue using collapsible feature.

Now there is second minor problem.

The cost of service rendered text did not bold as it should to be consistent like the rest.

I found the trigger. When you use Exclude Zero Balance within Report Setting it come up as the image. When you not using it. it behaves as it should.

@Tut Flag it as bug please.

Improved in the latest version (19.11.87)

In previous version, group name would not be bold if collapsed. I think that’s correct. If you collapse Employment Expenses, then you probably don’t want it to be bold. You want it to be presented as an account.

I think exception to this rule can be made if top-level group is being collapsed, in that case group name should be always in bold.

As a result, collapsing Less: Cost of Service Rendered will keep the group in bold but collapsing Employment Expenses will not.

I think eventually I should improve this further if you collapse all the top-level groups, then none of the groups should be in bold. This would hopefully make the implementation final.

The issue I’m having trouble currently the uncollapsed Employment Expense (Group Account) did not Bold to be consistent with the rest Group account after Gross Profit.

I agree. Only If @lubos implement that collapsed group account to be presented as ‘account’ should be include it’s account code. which currently doesn’t. If I use Show Account Codes then it would not be uniform presentation in my opinion.

PNL Report Setting:

1.Exclude Zero Balances.
2. Show Account Codes.
3. Not using group account collapse feature.

PNL Report Setting

  1. Exclude Zero Balances.
  2. Show Account Codes
  3. Using group account collapse feature. (Employment Expense & Miscellaneous Income)

PNL Report Setting:

  1. Without Exclude Zero Balances.
  2. Show Account Codes.
  3. Not using group account collapse feature.

The issue, @acecombat2, is that you are expecting a group title to be an account title. It is not. The recent modification makes it behave more like an account title, but it is not one. So when you show account codes, the program shows account codes, not group codes.

If you desire a certain format so badly, I recommend you copy the report to the clipboard, paste to a spreadsheet, and manipulate it there.

There is initially 1 issue @Tut . Which is the consistent of format. “Employee Expense”

The recent modification is made me understood lubos adjusted the behavior as to present collapsed group account as ‘account’ is addition which did not directly solve the issue I’m seeing ever since.

There is no outright reject of what he did this time. I offer my opinion as I use Show Account Codes that does not seem to ‘proper’ format with the behavior. This is not an issue I expect we’re heading.

All I ask is consistency.

If this is a decree, then yes. Otherwise I suspect you are overly optimistic.

The problem is Manager’s COA can be of unlimited complexity. Report indenting can accurately reflect the account structure a user has created. Fixed title formatting can not. What looks “consistent” for one users COA will look wrong for another COA.

Word processor address this by users modifiable style sheets, together with the user ability to modify individual titles.

IMO the best solution is to use indenting to convey hierarchy. Vertical white space around the totals is also a continuous variable so can be set proportional to the difference in adjacent levels. Character formatting is best avoided for this function. Restricting it to the very top level common to every COA if used at all.

@acecombat2 how did you obtain the first screenshot? I thought Employment Expenses should be bold now. How come on your screenshot it is still not?

@lubos that is what I meant. Is more straight forward if I give you the data. Check your email

@acecombat2 you were correct. I found out what was causing the issue and should be fixed in the latest version (19.11.92)

Thank you Lubos