Incorrect Bold within Profit and Loss Report

As of version 19.11.21, using manager server. Mozilla Firefox

PnL Report of Group account and sub account under COSR incorrectly highlight the bold. @lubos

The lines on your report in bold type are groups, not accounts. They display as they do because you have defined the report to collapse those groups. So, rather than have a total line for the group, the total displays on the same line as the group title. Read the Guide:

You get that @tut?

rest well. you overwork yourself.

Yes, I got it. Very interesting. I cannot reproduce this. Your screen shots exactly duplicate the situation I described. Try deleting and recreating the report. Your definition of the report may be corrupted. (Remember, the report itself is not saved, only its parameters.)

got it.

Unfortunately your suggestion came up the same result. at my end. Delete and Re-generate Report.

I like to clarify additional info, I tried open both in windows and debian 10 buster mozilla firefox. still came out the same. so is not the browser.

The server I’m using is docker image by davide. Most probably either something to do the manager server resources itself or the data itself.

I checked with my other data, found another came out the same. as the currently I’m having issue.

Now it narrows down to the resources, and not the data itself.

Lubos might mistype the logic code in the program itself. Funny Mac OS doesn’t have that issue.

Export the data and import to open in Windows 10 Desktop Edition with the same version. The report. Same Issue.

So can this issue get ‘bug’ tag?

Definitely a bug,
Only difference in the two reports is the accounts and the date (changed the date to make other accounts appear)



Well, I’ll have to take your word on this. I’ve moved it to the bugs category, even though I cannot reproduce it.

I thought @VACUUMDOG might be onto something. But I’ve tried both very simple and quite elaborate charts of accounts in my test companies, covering brief and multi-year periods. All of their P&Ls display correctly.

Can you reproduce a similar problem with any other reports, like balance sheets?

As a guess, I would say that if @acecombat2 created the same report with a date range that didn’t include the ‘Employment Expenses’ it would be right.
I just reran the first report I posted above but this time did not exclude zero balances to make the "Motor Vehicle Expenses’ appear and the issue is there.

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You got it. It is the collapsible account feature. When I use it to collapse Group Account Employment Expense all non-group account doesn’t bold normally. When I’m not using the collapsible account feature. It behaves incorrectly.

OK, now I understand and can reproduce the error. It occurs when groups are nested. When a nested subgroup is not collapsed, it appears in bold and ordinary accounts within the subroup are not bold. But ordinary accounts in the same group, but outside the subgroup, incorrectly become bold:

When the subgroup is collapsed, both ordinary accounts outside the subgroup and the subgroup appear without being bold:

The same bug affects Balance Sheet reports.

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Fixed in the latest version (19.11.71)

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after updated… just a bit more. make it bold correctly. for consistency.