Mismatch, Data Display between reports

@Lubos, I need your urgent attention, that my client’s company are currently in audit.

The auditor point out the mismatch information between general ledger transaction, trial balance and profit and loss report. particularly regarding retained earnings account.

Manager version 20.8.86

First, Look at this images for year end 2018.

#Profit And Loss

#Trial Balance

#General Ledger Transaction

1.There is discrepancy in amount from Profit and Loss Report for the Amount of Loss recorded in Trial Balance.

  1. In General Ledger Transaction, there is no record of Closing Balance, hence the missing entry of profit and loss amount does not record. when compare to trial balance.

  2. As far I know whatever recorded in both trial balance and general Ledger transaction (should be consistent). Even it is regardless system’s entry or user’s entry.

  3. What I want to know what affects the system to record such discrepancy of what being reported in profit and loss report against the trial balance? I couldn’t explain to auditor other than system issue.

  4. I can’t click the amount to digging the transaction that shows that kind of amount in trial balance, maybe in next update should be allowed to let us access that kind of information in future.

Currently, the transaction Profit (loss) for the period is actually profit/loss for all periods.

If you generate profit & loss statement for all the years up to 31/12/2018, the profit on P&L for all those years will equal to Profit (loss) for the period transaction amount in general ledger.

@lubos I find it confusing between the setting to generate the report from and to date against what reported in these reports does not show same entries.

what confusing me the most is what is reported in trial balance which is very brief of information of “(date at 31/12/2018) and profit(loss) for the period” which is not match what I deduce from it to refer to profit and loss report for that particular 2018 period.

Can this be rectify either allow us to access the said entry (within trial balance like blue text to click on) or at least be consistent across the reports (opening and closing balance)?

So far I understood and get the exact amount of what reported in trial balance if i set the period from 1/1/2017 to 31/12/2018

This is what I understands about these reports by concept.

Profit and loss is a snapshot of what is happening at that period, balances before and after are unrelated and should not be record.

Trial balance and General Ledger Transaction is related to opening balance (before historically) and closing balance ( what happened this period), general Ledger transaction does not record system’s entry which is from profit and loss surplus (deficit) to retained earnings account. can this be fixed?

For now I can explain to auditor. Thanks.

Out of interest, does the current version have identical behaviour. I thought there had been some changes in that area over the last couple of months but perhaps my time scales are wrong.

Yet to confirm, I seldom update too quickly, just to make sure the released version is major update (server edition). I can try on desktop though. good point @patch, trying it now.

Version 20.10.4, Confirmed same behavior.