Signs on collapsed expense groups not reversed when copied to clipboard

I’m using Manager Cloud 21.6.1 with Office365 desktop version. In the P&L report, I get a proper report as in …

However, when I copy to clipboard and paste in Excel, I get:

You will note that:
a) Direct Income copies fine
b) R&D, Content Creation & Platform Maintenance have collapsed data
and therefore shows positive values as is displayed in the report.
c) Support & Maintenance , Innovation and Agency Fee does NOT have collapsed data although listed in the collapsed data. For this, the report shows negative values.
d) Finally, the Total shows the figure as per the actual report which calculates everything based on positive numbers.

Now, if I take the same report and delete all the items under “Groups to collapse”, the report in manager still shows fine. But, when exported to Excel, the Income remains positive but all the expenses appears as negative.

It is not possible to understand this situation based on your screen shots and description. Please provide screen shots of the following additional information. Depending on what they show, more may required:

  • The full report, without any groups being collapsed.
  • The P&L side of your chart of accounts from Settings.
  • Edit screens for Salaries (Support and Maintenance) and Platform Enhancement and Maintenance (these comprise one group showing what you believe is a problem and one group not showing it).

Yes, the totals only tie in to the column sum if these yellow figures were positive, which they’re not in this case.

The data pasted into excel is definitely wrong but I couldn’t reproduce it.

@Paparazzi I was wondering if the excel sheet is a freshly created sheet or was there any previous data/formatting?

The question is, which information might be wrong. I believe there are problems with account definitions. The balances @Paparazzi believes are incorrect may actually be the correct ones. It does not look like what are described as groups are really groups, but ordinary accounts. Many numeric signs are reversed in reports for display purposes, to conform to accounting traditions. But they are shown correctly when copied to spreadsheets to facilitate subsequent calculations.

But the totals should be correct in any case, right?

For sake of simplicity let’s take the second column as an example, which adds up to 9000, that is 6,300 + 2,700 which is true in both screenshots.

I’d reckon if innovation had a credit balance the total should have been 3,600, that is 6,300 - 2,700.

There’s definitely a problem somewhere but we could only tell what it is once @Paparazzi provided the additional information.

Should be, yes. But only if the chart of accounts has been properly defined. We can’t tell that until @Paparazzi furnishes the requested information. Based on what was written, groups and accounts may have been confused. And their assignment to higher-level groups may be faulty.

Your inability to replicate the behavior suggests there is no bug.

Sorry about the delay in getting back. Had a fall and was hurt pretty bad.

I really do not think it is about the Chart of Accounts or wrong accounting. Also, in all of those expense accounts, there are no credit entries. The relevant part of the CoA is here:

Is there some way I could upload the info for you’ll to check. Its actually confidential but I understand that there would be no other way for you to check other than me actually passing it on.
For now, the detailed reports with no grouping is:

And with grouping:

For a simple example, you will see that the Total Direct Expenses for 2019 is 42,890.50 in both the detailed and Summary reports (Grouped). In fact, all the numbers are identical in both reports within Manager. The Grouping can also be seen. However, when pasted on to an Excel sheet, the detailed is all negative (Which I understand as they are all expenses) but in the grouped version, there are some positive and some negative numbers. I checked the data and confirm that all the expense accounts have only debit entries.
I hope this is more useful. … Please let me know if I can provide anymore info.

I have put this into the bugs category and edited the subject. The problem is not that operators (which is how you referred to negative signs) are showing in a spreadsheet that were not on the Manager report. The problem is that when expense groups are collapsed, the negative sign is not being prepended to the copied number.


Fixed in the latest version (21.6.7)