Inconsistent Custom field positioning in Invoices

For whatever reason and I cannot even guess why, the position of the custom fields in Invoices keep changing and therefore end up getting complains from salesmen about the inconsistency :frowning:

Attached are screen shots of two invoices created back to back after copying the data from their respective sales orders. Both orders are for the same client. Yet, the order in which the line item fields appear are different.

The following is the custom field position as defined in the sales invoice & sales order when I created them.
SI%20Custom%20Order SO%20Custom%20Order

Anyone knows why this shift and more importantly, what can I do to get it to position consistently?

Are you using a custom theme? Or are Qty and Unit price columns omitted only because you have no information in them?

Can you post screen shots that show content of the line items as well as the column headings? (You might also want to edit your first post to leave out all the proprietary information in those screen shots.)

Hi Tut,

Thanks Tut, I have edited my first post to take out those information but in the process took out the invoice numbers as well. The invoice number on top is 525 and the second is 526.

In the invoice of which I have posted the image, there is no custom theme. The Qty has no info in it. The unit price is where I put the price and that translates to showing only as Amount in the Invoice … no, I did not do anything to remove unit price.

Below are the same two invoice with column headings.

This looks like it is probably a bug. I will move this topic to the bugs category.

As an experiment to help track down the origin of the problem, can you try these things one at a time?

  1. Look at the Edit screens for both invoices to confirm whether the line item custom fields appear in the same order there or not.
  2. Edit invoice #2018 000526 so the fourth line item is the same as in #2018000525. You can change back after determining whether that modified the order.
  3. Temporarily edit the drivers’ names to be the same. See if that affects anything.
  4. Temporarily edit the vehicle numbers to be the same. See if that affects anything.

Obviously, what I’m looking for is to identify what triggers the change.

Thanks Tut,

Here are my observations:

  1. Opened the two invoices in separate tabs and the order of appearance are identical.
    On the Edit screen, order is: Description | Loading From | Destination | Driver Name | Vehicle No. | Vehicle Capacity | Qty | Unit price | Amount |Tax (No data in fields in italics)
    On invoice 525, order is: Description | Driver Name | Loading From | Destination | Vehicle No. | Tax | Amount
    On invoice 526, order is: Description | Vehicle No. | Loading From | Destination | Driver Name | Tax | Amount

  2. Edited invoice # 000526 so the fourth line item is the same as in # 000525 but there was no change.

  3. Edited drivers’ names to be the same as in invoice 525, but no change in display order.

  4. Edited the vehicle numbers to be the same as in invoice 525, but still no change.

Got a freak thought and tested two more invoices and understood how to replicate the issue:
Inv 546

Inv 547

Basically, the custom fields seem to appearing in the invoice view based on the order in which they were entered! In invoice 546, I entered in the order that can be seen. For invoice 547, I entered based on a different order and got that second output.

Thank you, @Paparazzi! I am sure that will help @lubos figure out the bug.

I can reproduce the issue. Fixed in the latest version (18.8.2)

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