Inclusion of 'Cancelled check box' in sales and purchase order tabs

Kindly include a check box denoting ‘cancelled’ in both sales and purchase orders like in sales and purchase quotes. This will help truck which orders have been cancelled. Thank you.


Added to the latest version (22.1.18)

Thanks @Lubos for considering this request. Normally i encounter cancellations with regards sales orders. This will definitely help track those.

@lubos , besides inclusion of cancelled check box, please consider inclusion of closed sale order/purchase order check box, once the purchase/sale order is completed.(available similar in invoices tab)

@lubos I believe the term Closed would have been a better choice. Both cancelled and completed Orders might be marked as closed.

Once you invoiced the Sales Order it will show as Invoiced under the Sales Order Tab which is similar for the Order being closed so think that it is redundant. @Abeiku tracking cancellations can be beneficial, for example assume that one customer keeps getting Sales Orders but also keeps cancelling them, some kind of investigation as to why should be triggered. Closing one should mean it is completed, i.e. delivered and invoiced and when invoiced it will show that.

@eko I agree. There should be a distinction between what was fully invoiced and what was cancelled :+1:t5:

@lubos Having both these functions, cancelled & closed actually would be ok. The cancelled checked box is already doing its functions which is to identify which orders are actually cancelled. To achieve this, it greys out the cancelled and drops it down to the bottom hence removing it from recent and active orders. In the same vein i would like to see orders that are closed to be greyed and droped down to the bottom only leaving active orders above. Of course one would argue that the column showing “invoiced” is enough however going further to grey and dropping it to bottom will help narrow the view only on orders, in my case deals, that need closing.