Expanding Open or Close Feature

Dear @lubos
May I request expanding open or close feature to
Sales Quotes
Sales Orders
Purchase Quotes
Purchase Orders
Expense Claims

Current option is archiving sales invoices but we are in need to archive above tabs to shorten the list or remove completed Order or Quotes from being duplicate or over invoiced

Iam not really sure if this is applicable to delivery notes, goods receipt, debit note or credit note.

the use case to add this option to above list is if the orders fully invoiced, delivered and payment is received or paid there should be no more use to keep it open and the listing in invoices or orders will be fore active one only

I am sure this feature will be an added value for other tabs

Quotes and orders already have fairly sophisticated status monitoring, integrated with delivery notes, invoices, and goods receipts. Status is much broader than open/closed. You can sort by status in the tab listings. I do not believe you should expect that capability to be duplicated with some other system. There are Guides explaining status monitoring.

Expense claims are never “closed.” Expense claims establish liabilities in one or more accounts depending on who the expense claim payer is. Those liabilities are cleared by draws or payments. If the appropriate liability account and subaccount is zeroed out, the claim has been satisfied.