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When I copy Sales Order to Sales Invoice, and after when I try delete Sales Orders it gives an error of ‘‘The form cannot be deleted because it is referenced in the following transactions’’ before I was not getting this error ? So I need to delete the sales invoice, and afterwards sales order and then again create an new Sales Invoice ?

I just want to see current orders not all order ?



This is how the program has always worked. You cannot delete transactions referenced by other transactions. When invoiced, the sales order status shows that.

I am pretty sure it was not like this at the previous version ? Is there a way to download a previous versions ? Thanks,

@bturgan how is returning to previous version a solution? Sooner or later you will want to upgrade for another feature and then you have the same problem.

When you create sales order and then copy sales order to sales invoice, it will link these two. If you do not want to have them linked, you need to clear Order Number field next to Customer field on sales invoice before creating it. Then you can delete Sales Order because it won’t be selected on your newly created invoice.

But why delete sales order in the first place? Fully invoiced (and delivered) sales orders will be lower in the list than uninvoiced ones so you always see which orders are still pending. Manager is built around the assumption that you are constantly recording what is happening in your business and under this principle orders shouldn’t be deleted (unless they were created in error).

Maybe some orders get cancelled. There is a checkbox to specify the order has been cancelled. It’s just extra piece of information you get on the history of customer. Seeing also orders that never became invoices. It’s good data that doesn’t cost anything to have around and one day could be useful. Why throw it away by deleting it?

Ok, thank you for your reply,

But I just want to see the current Orders at this screen. When I see also competed orders at this screen, it is mixing up.

and I am saying this again sorry but this was working like this with the previous version. I am pretty sure about this. :slight_smile:

When the order is completed, I want to see this completed order as an invoice, that’s all.

Anyways, I will ask sth then, is it possible to show current orders and completed orders at different tab then ? so that this screen is not full of orders, so I don’t mix up things.

Thank you,

Just check the orders as “cancelled” then. That way only active sales orders will remain on top. This is why in one of the topics i suggested that an introduction of a “closed” check box also be introduced to the sales orders and purchase orders too to help track active or pending orders.

A feature that might assist in this regard will be to hide completed or cancelled orders / quotes.

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Yes, · GitHub

Older releases (until 22 March 2022) Releases · Manager-io/ · GitHub
Newer releases (since 22 March 2022 to date) Releases · Manager-io/Manager · GitHub

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Thank you so much, as @lubos have advised, I delete the Order Number at the moment when I copy it to Sales Invoice so that I can delete the Active Order.

Thank you ! That would be a great feature I guess :grinning:

You can also use the search function