Inactive - on sales quote

Hi @lubos. At menu Customer we have the possibility to mark the customer with a click on “inactive”. Then this is gone out of the list and somehow “hidden” but we can get it back where it shows “Show inactive”

so, I have many “Sales quote” which are not valid anymore. Of course i use the custom field to mark the status, this is fine. However, over the time the list is getting quote long and if possible would be nice to get also the feature to mark it as “inactive”, like on Customer or Sales Invoice Item or Purchase Invoice items

is this possible to ad this small feature also for “Sales Quote” in one of the next updates.

thanks, for support

I am hoping that @lubos will be addressing this issue long term by adding in functionality so that when we close the quote using the Custom field column it will hide the quotes from view. Like yourself I agree, I only want to see open quotes by default when I open the Sales Quotes and Purchase Orders Tabs. Inactive is not really the right solution as you will have to close it using the custom field and then mark inactive. The program should by default only show open quotes and sales and purchase orders.

But in principle I agree - list is getting quite long

Consider something like this below…

My Status looks like the following:

By simply entering * , all quotes that are still alive will show up (*Active, *Ready and *Hold). Or I can look at them by status. Notice the is no * on Closed.
I also do the same with Rep, Inventory Location and more. There are tons of things you can do with this feature.

Yes something like that * will work. But the point is the program should support functionality where quotes that are closed are not visible by default. And I believe that @lubos will be introducing this functionality once he has finished his warehousing module.

its easy, just make it like the function inactive at Customer, thats it