Importing purchase, sales invoices and payments from another business file

Dear Sir,
i have installed manager in my laptop and was doing my accounting.
there was some problem with my laptop and went for repair.
for working on my daily activities. i installed a copy in another desktop. where i have enter numerous purchase invoices for different vendors, sales invoice to my client and payments.
now as my laptop as it is now repaired and working fine, i want to add the work done in my desktop .
i my laptop i have entered purchase invoice from 1 to 25 and in my desktop from 26 to 42, same for sales invoice and client payments.
how to do that please advice.

Hopefully, when you installed Manager on the desktop for temporary use, you imported your accounts by adding your business from your backup file, which should have been on a separate drive from your laptop. If you did, you can back up your file from the desktop to a drive accessible by your laptop, then import the business back into your laptop.

The only caution is to be sure both computers have the same version of Manager installed before starting this process.

If you simply started using Manager on your desktop without first importing the backup file, Manager will see two distinct businesses. There is no way to combine them at this time. The possibility of adding this capability in the future has been mentioned, but no time frame is available.

In the second case, you will have to add the missing transactions to one file or another to rebuild a complete set of records.