Hello everyone,

Compliments of the season!

If I back-up manager on a memory stick - open and work on the the back-up on another pc, but still do quotes on my pc would I be able to merge the back-up and the original some?

Also when I started Manager I have captured my invoices, but messed up with my allocations (I have allocated my payments to sales instead of linking them with my invoices) so I started a new one starting at my bank recon, now I have to capture all my invoices again. If you copy to clipboard it only copy the “front page” not the invoices.

I really hope there is a way to get the invoices over to the “new company”.

You will have to enter all transactions in what ever business file you want to be the master.

Doing so is error prone as there’s a risk of double entry or missing a transaction.

In summary don’t do that, you have created a problem.

I suggest you subscribe to a network accessible version such as NG Software cloud product.

Batch operations maybe used to manually merge but it is also a technique to rapidly and grossly corrupt a business file.

I suggest you

  1. Backup both business files
  2. Open both business files in separate browser Windows
  3. Compare both business files
  4. Manually copy missing entries

Thank you. I hoped there was an easier way. I am capturing the the old invoices, and then delete them on the old business. I am fully aware that I created a problem, wish I still had the back up from before I changed the allocations.