Import of bank statements in PDF format

File format not supported. Only .qif, .ofx, .qfx or .sta formats can be accepted. Is it possible to support pdf file formats?

No accounting system is able to import bank statements in PDF format. PDF format is designed for humans, QIF, OFX, STA etc. are designed for computers.

Yes, so I have discovered, and am having difficulty finding conversion programs

I got sick of banks that dont support Quickbooks current file exports too.
Look up CSV to QBO converters on google.
I got one from Propersoft that I really like. You can try them for free and buy them if you like them.
Well worth the investment. Does take a little time to learn how you want to use it. But highly effective for importing transactions.

Thanks @jeff. Manager supports import from CSV too so no need to purchase external converter. It is currently undocumented feature because CSV must be in specific format but if someone has real need for this, I’ll hurry up implementing this fully.

Thanks Lubos, I can tell you really enjoy getting this app working well. Maybe you could post the undocumented feature so we can help you work it out. I think most people can work out CSV imports if you give us the specifications and set up the basic upload interface. Have you got that part ready?

I’ve got a bunch of Data to upload, thats already in CSV format, so maybe you can let me try it.
Also, as a second comment about CSV upload. I like using CSV upload the best because its easy to “fix” the bank data that usually has some incomplete or barely useful vendors etc. I change or add data while in a spreadsheet before uploading it, thereby you minimize the amount of editing and clicking on web browser interface.