Exporting bank statement issues

I am trying to import a bank statement from Westpac for the first time. If I try as a csv file I get so many errors with column names and when I fix them all it says input string is incorrect.

I have tried .qif which I am unfamiliar with. I get this message…Safari can’t open the file “Data.qif” because no available application can open it… I have no idea what to open it with and how.

Any help or tips would be appreciated.

If you can download bank statement in QIF format (which seems like you can), then don’t do CSV.

What you do in Safari is to try to save QIF on your hard-drive. Then select QIF in Manager to import. Don’t try to open QIF within Safari, just save it somewhere on your disk.

Fantastic, that worked.

Hi, I tried exporting a statement in csv format, however I get an error message that CSV file is missing “Amount” column. How could I fix that please?

It means your CSV file is missing Amount column. You need to edit your CSV file and make sure columns are named the way Manager excepts them to see.

Or try to download bank statement in better-suited format such as QIF, OFX etc. CSV is the worst format for importing bank statements.

CSV is the only format i can download, the other two available are swift and bai. How do I amend the cvs file please

You need to open CSV in a text editor or spreadsheet program. Check some videos on Youtube how to open CSV files and how they are structured. This is general stuff, not specific to Manager.

ok thank you

HI, I can download to a pdf, txt, MT940, xls or camt053 file. Is it possible to import these in Manager?

Hi allemaal,
Ik kan mijn ABN mutaties exporteren als een pdf, txt, MT940, xls en camt053 bestand. Is het mogelijk één van deze te imprteren en zo ja, hoe?

Read the Guide: http://guides.manager.io/businesses/bank-accounts/importing-bank-statements. Importable formats are shown there.

Select MT940 format.