Importing invoices

I’m looking for a good bookkeeping progr. Manager has nearly all I need. And it looks nice too. So a great job!

Only the import of Invoices is missing for me. I noticed that it’s earlier asked for on 20/21 april 2014.
On 26 nov there is a remark about importing Cash Accounts trough spreadsheets. Implanting next month (?).

I understand that there should not be to many import fields, But importing purchase invoice is for me very, very important.
Why: because I have a webshop. The invoices are allready made in the shop. I just need to import de excelfile into the programma. I can’t do it manually.

I’m looking forward for the responds.

What is your spreadsheet format for invoices? How does your spreadsheet deal with invoices which have multiple line items or you don’t have invoices like that?

I use this exportfile in Csv format. Its the total of all the products in that invoice, split in 21% and 6% Tax and costs. However I can put more or less colums in the exportfile. I will respond to the needs of Manager. Regarding your question: indeed 2 tax codes in one line. Costs are mend for after payment…

This is kind of a problem. I’m afraid importing in this format could be done only through API. As far as I know, no accounting software would import this out of the box. If there is, I would like to see how they do it.

Are you familiar with C# or do you know any C# programmer?

You will need a custom tool that will read your CSV file and import columns to your Manager database as invoices.

I suppose the biggest problem is the one line layout with 21% + 6% tax and the costs?
It can’t be done like the import in Manager of Customers, or Suppliers with a txt file? (similar to Importing spreadsheet)

I mean indeed manually, not like the import of Bank Accounts. Would be nice, but that’s for me not the goal.
I just want to import every 3 months all the invoices, bank accounts, etc for tax report and balance
For now I’m using an excel sheetprogramm
And no I’m sorry: no C# programming…