Importing Excel spreadsheet into Purchase Invoices

Hi. I absolutely love Manager and “promote” it to all and sundry. I cannot afford the Cloud version (South African Rand is so volatile at present and high to the dollar.)
My little business is growing and I cannot keep up with the admin. I want to do the following:
Export my existing entries in Purchase Invoices to Excel (this is possible I see).
Then I want to have a lady capture my Purchase Invoices on this same spreadsheet.
Once done, I would like to IMPORT it back into Manager. 99% of my Purchase Invoices are 1 line entries. Those that are not I can capture directly in Manager.

I use manager throughout the day therefore cannot just give her my backup file and restore it once she is done as I will then lose what I’ve done in Manager when I restore her version.

Any suggestions?
Many thanks!

I believe you are stuck, @elaine_mears1. Consider how much you get for free with the desktop version. You can hardly expect NGSoftware to provide a way around their own business model. The question for you is how much it would cost for the cloud version versus the headaches and equivalent cost of constantly importing and exporting invoices. US$ 19/month isn’t very much. Or consider signing on with a South African accountant who uses it. Of course, the accountant will probably want to charge you something at some point during the year, too.