Importing Inventory Items from Excel

Hello sir,
just downloaded the software,work great.The only problem i can import inventory from excel as i can’t see the import button
I have a database of 8000 products.
Please help,

Try using Batch Create

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Thank you very much for your reply.Do u think i need to upgrade the version? i cant find any button to upgrade?

Why - having just downloaded your version should be fairly current - the batch create is here

To upgrade Desktop edition, click Desktop edition

im trying batch also does not work

i cant find the import buttun…Anybody can help me please.Ive tried batch ,it doesnt work.
Please please

Did you read the Guide

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Hello got it,
But it wont update qty.

You need to provide more information about what you mean and what the problem is. Inventory is quite complex, and “it won’t update qty” doesn’t help anyone help you.

While i make batch import mean Qty on hand (opening Stock) doesnt update automatically

When batch importing starting balances, there is a column called HasStartingBalance. Make sure this column has value set to True.

I am having no luck at all importing my inventory into Manager
I dont have a import button so I tried the batch import with a small sample (50 items)
After pasting them in the step 3 and clicking NEXT nothing happens, nothing got added at all and no error messages. Please help

What version of Manager are you using?

After you paste in your data and click the Next button, you should see a preview like this:

Do you see that, but with 50 items instead of the 1 in my example?

If you do, click Batch Create and the items should be created.

Otherwise, if you need more help could you provide a sample file (with 1-2 items) that you’re trying to import?

Sorry I just realised that I was trying to use batch update and not create. I have gotten them imported now but realised that my cost price is wrong on all of them (my fault) I did the total (cost x number on hand) instead of the individual.

I am fixing that now in the spreadsheet do I use the batch update now to fix my error?

  1. Click Batch Update
  2. Copy the text that you see on that page
  3. Paste it into spreadsheet
  4. Then, modify the data to match what it should be.
  5. Copy from spreadsheet and paste back into Manager
  6. Click Next
  7. Review the list of changes. It should only show the columns modified that you tried to modify in the spreadsheet.
  8. Click Batch Update if you’re happy.

Note: Do not use your original spreadsheet. Create a new spreadsheet (or new tab on existing spreadsheet) and use the data copied from Manager screen if you’re doing a Batch Update.

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Greetings ,
I am new to Manager, I would like to arrange my stock items in excel format, then export to Manager.
Please advise if this is possible, I have about 10,000 items in excel format


please read the guide about batch operations Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions | Manager
you need to reformat the data as per Manager requirements before you can import.