How to add supplier information to inventory items

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A totally different question is there a way I can list the supplier of an inventory item so that I know who to order that product from? I read on the forum someone suggested that you use a supplier identifier before the product code but I cant do that as the product number is the same as used by the supplier so needs to correspond.


You can do this under “Settings” > “Custom Fields” > “Inventory Item”, choose a Single Line Text field type, and you may also want to tick the box to show it as a column.

Once you have done this, you should be able to Batch Update the supplier custom field as well.

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So this field wont show on invoices and sales? I just need it in inventory table


Enable - Show custom field as a column
Disable - Show custom field on printed documents

We’re getting off topic with the custom fields so if you need more assistance with this feel free to PM me or create a new thread :wink:

Thank you all my problems are solved for now you help is much appreciated.

Please do not divert topics with unrelated questions. That prevents interested users from helping you. I have moved your question, which had nothing to do with batch creation, to a new topic.