No Import on Inventory item Tab

There is no Import function on Inventory item Tab on the latest version 15.5.81

There is better and more intuitive way to import now.

See: Manager Cloud

Hi Lubos.
When i buy new items from my supplier I download their excel sheet from their website.
How do i paste this in the Batch Operations section?
I used to be able to paste it then select headings but now its not working?
See screen shots-

Pressed Next


You need to set headings in your spreadsheet. You can click on the link in step 1 to see what headings are supported.

Or look at the second screenshot you have posted. Those column names are headings which batch create function will look for in your spreadsheet.

Basically the process is very similar, except, you need to define headings in Excel rather than in Manager.

Yes i have got it, works great, much better now.
I just changed the column headings to that of Managers headings.
When copy and pasting data you have to include the headings (i didn’t before i used the drop-down list)
One request, could the Batch create buttons be at the top to save scrolling down?

Thanks for your fast support. :+1:

I think I will always keep it at the bottom but you can press End button on your keyboard which should take you right to the end of the screen.

Tricks of the trade! Thanks, makes life much easier!