Import a inventory csv list

New to the forum.
New to software.
Is it possible to import a csv file that has items listed already.


Read the guide on batch operations and format your existing data in a Manager acceptable format.

Thanks for feed back.
I did as instructed I have had experience with other software.
The sale price is not coming over nor is the item name.
I can edit these items once they are in software.
Is there any special consideration when filling in these fields?

Not sure what issue you are facing exactly.
Anyway if the sales price and item name are the only data missing, after you Batch Create, again do a Batch Update with the updated details.

That Did not work either.

I will keep trying.

I have found in the past if one little thing is off in a row it may abort that row, sometimes whole import.

I have some time before switch over to software, so hopefully I will get it.


Did you read the other posts about batch update? You can use the :mag: in the top right corner to find them.