Importing Customers and suppliers

I have been testing the import process for Customers.
I generated my list from MYOB into a CSV file format via MYOB export.
I then imported that file in to a BLANK Excel Spreadsheet (worksheet sheet2).
Then I utilised manager BATCH CREATE in Customers to copy the table headings.
I then go back to Excel, this time on worksheet sheet1, past the columns in.
Then I simply used formulas to crab what i require from sheet2 into sheet1.
Up-to this point no issues.
Addresses is the only issue I have. MYOB provides Adress line1…>4, post code, state and city seperately.
So in excel worksheet1 i simply concatenate all these fields together, with a space between each field.
This address gets imported into manager as a single line as expected.
What do I use between each field to get the city, state & post code on separate lines in the address field in manager.
I have attempted to use Carriage Return (CR or CHAR(13)) and also Line feed (LF or char(10)) and combinations.

I even created a dummy customer and did an export, but the export does not export all details.
Anyone have any ideas.


I am not sure about this but since Manager accepts html codes, try inserting <br> to break the lines wherever needed.

Tell me if it works.

@sharpdrivetek is correct. the <br> tag will add a line break. This works throughout Manager.

Hi Guys
Thanks for the input.

Well the <br> sounded like a great idea, but it did not work.
The below line is a snippet of what was pasted in to a BatchUpdate and also a batch create
eg Shop 2 383 Nepean Highway <br>PARKDALE<br>VIC<br>3195

What you see above is what is displayed in the customer address including the <br>.


Can you show the same data as it is in the spreadsheet

For the dummy record you created in Manager, go to Custom Reports and paste in:
SELECT BillingAddress from Customers

Although on the screen the address will appear as one line, Export and open the tsv file. The address in Excel will be separated to lines.

I don’t see what code is creating the line breaks, but you are better at Excel than me. Good luck.

To get a line break use Alt + Enter (in Widows).

So for your example in Excel type:

Shop 2 383 Nepean HighwayAlt+EnterPARKDALEAlt + EnterVICAlt + Enter3195

or where the address is stored in cells A1, A2, A3, and A4 this Excel formula (Windows) also works


Yes Windows ALT-ENTER is Linefeed or CHAR(10), and it doesnt work either.

Did you try the 2 solutions?

I did test both Alt+Enter and the formula several times and both worked for Customers and Suppliers.

Please note, Batch Create will not create separate address lines if you use the concatenate function. Use the formula as suggested.

Let me know.

I dont think this would be a problem. It will show as a single line when viewing customers, but in invoices and other modules it will automatically insert a line break.