Batch Create Billing Address with Multiple Lines


I am new to Manager and so far I am really liking the program.

I am trying to import customers as they are created and am having a problem with addresses that need to be presented in the format:

Address 1
Address 2
City, State Zip

When I try to import these items, it treats each line as if it is a different address. I found an old post (Exported customers and suppliers don't have address) where it says that the problem was fixed, but the link is no longer valid.

Could someone direct me to how new line characters should be portrayed in the import so that they can be handled by the Batch Create process?

Thanks so much!

In general the simplest way of determining the required format for “Batch create” is to

  • first create examples of the records you want manually in Manager

  • Use the Manager “Batch update” function to copy these records to your clipboard

  • Paste the results into a spreadsheet program of your preference

  • Look at the required format of the records (which is identical to “Batch create” but has a “Key” column at the right hand end). Alternativevely paste into a simple text editor to see details of it’s csv format.

I think you need to insert < br >(without the spaces) between Address1 and Address 2 and again before City

Using the <br> tag will not accomplish what you want, @TheSeeker. If you follow @Patch’s advice and examine an example, you will see there are no <br> tags included. Just use a hard return within the cell to achieve multiple lines.

For example, in Excel, use Command + Shift + Return.

Everyone, thank you so much for such a quick reply!

I have a separate system that manages JIT pulls and where my list of suppliers and customers resides. Accounting is beyond the scope of that system, but Manger is great for accounting.

I need the information for suppliers, customers and items, but only want to export new ones into Manager so that it can be synced up with the ERP system. Plus, now that the Update Batch provides the GUID for the row, I can now utilize that to update the other system with an external id in case we ever need to update customer, supplier or inventory data. Thanks!!

Based on @Patch’s recommendations I tested and it looks like the proper way to handle a multiple line data item is to encapsulate it in quotes. Keep in mind that the preview cell that contains the address will not show multiple lines, but the end result is indeed a multiple line address.

Here is an example. The address below needs to be imported into a customer billing address.
123 Null St.
Suite B
Las Vegas, NV 89109

This is how it would have to be entered into the Create Batch record.
“123 Null St.
Suite B
Las Vegas, NV 89109”

(NOTE: The " around the multiple line field info.)

Thanks so much for all the speedy assistance!!